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Jenna C. Johnson

Stats: 5’5”
Degree: BS Theatre & Gender Studies, Northwestern University
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Local Hire: Chicago, Atlanta, Austin, Pittsburgh








Yoga (Int/Adv Yogi)


Hip Hop & Burlesque Dancer

Classical Piano


Singer (Alto II)

Beg. Guitar

Sight Reading


Nourishment Coach

Quick Meals                           Hipster Wannabe, Zealous, Hiddenly Vulnerable   d. Robert Albee

Dogs & Me                             Overly Sensitive Meisner Girl/ Guest Star            d. Matt Rocklin

Fairy Tales                             Head Maternal Fairy / Supporting                        Subway Sponsored Prod.

Be the Church                        Neurotic, Sweet, Naive PR Student/Lead              d. Jen Howell
Chronicles of the Dead            Tough yet Sweet Best Friend/Supporting              3N Films

This Indie Thing                      Flirtatious, Friendly Actress/Guest Star                d. Steve Royall
The Watchers                         Fiesty, Black Sheep/Lead                                   New York Film Academy


​Clippings                               Fiery, Playful Waitress/Lead           cd.Sharon King

​The Bronx Bull                       Confident 1960s Waitress/Feat       d. Martin Guigui 

Body High                             Crunchy Hipster Chick                    cd. Betsy Fels 
Lost Angeles                         Trustworthy Best Friend/Feat          d. Phedon Papamichael 
Annie Sells Your Stuff            Saccharine, Verbose Host/Lead      d. James Tugend

The Graveyard Shift               Earthy, Troubled Ghost/Supporting  d. April Wright


A Streetcar Named Desire        Stella                     Barebones Productions {AEA}

The Tony Clifton Show              LoveChild Lotus    The Comedy Store L.A.- Comic Relief Prod.

Love Is Dead (Sketch Musical)   Jan Doe/Lead u/s   The Annoyance Theater (Chicago)
The Giver                                  Lily/Ensemble         The Apple Tree Theatre (Chicago)

The Vagina Monologues           Ensemble               Northwestern University



LAYS Wavy                               Ideal First Date            Eric McCoy – McCoy & Meyer Productions
Pert Plus                                   Overly Smitten Bride    David Wild - Directorz
Femmes Fatale Book Promo    Mischeivous Bride        Nic Sadler - Kim Kruzan                               Maternal Happy Consumer    
Jeopardy                                   Contestant                      

Training & Workshops

Craig Archibald Studio - Craig Archibald - Coach & On Going

John Rosenfeld Studios - John Rosenfeld - Scene Study - Ongoing
The Actors Workout Studio - Andrew Benne - Meisner

Annie Grindlay - Audition Intensive
Rob Mello - Meisner

iO Chicago - improv

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