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What am I to do with all of this life?...

Hi, All!


I'm Jenna Johnson.  Actress & Activist dedicated to bringing awareness to the topic of Gender Equality and sexual assault on an intimate social scale through conversation and art.


{Check out my conversation apparel brand LooksGoodOnYouinc, with part profit supporting L.A.'s Sexual Assault Awareness NP,

Peace Over Violence}  


As with many artists, my life is my canvas.  The colorful choices I make daily and the way I choose, and have chosen, to interpret my life are the source and stories of my work and the fuel for my future doings.  

I have big goals.  I believe that just as we make karmic ripples in our every day lives, that the entertainment industry can allow us to expand those karmic ripples WAY beyond ourselves, which is a magical thing.  I love to connect.  

Connection, and truth is everything to me.  This is why I am an actor.

I'm a theatrically trained chica from Northwestern University, armored with intrinsic comedic backbone and sweet compassion for the characters I play (thanks to being half mischievous Irish blooded and half pacifistic Swedish), improv honed, and TV/Film primed through studying with some of L.A.'s finest (shout outs: John Rosenfeld, Annie Grindlay, Rob Mello, Andrew Benne).

I'm a middle child of four.  The original middle, as I say (enough said).

A Big Moment: I grew up in a suburb of Chicago much removed from the glitz of any of Chicago's professional industry, in a household that encouraged art but no divatastic-ness, and with a huge dream to be a big time world changing performer.  I exercised this dream through role playing games, storytelling during recess (I had a killer Jack n' Jill Mushroom saga), basement Beatle karaoke-ing, and the once a year dance recital.  In sixth grade, my outlet changed, and possibilities expanded.  I had my first taste of the big stage when I joined a professional children's choir and through that was cast as one of the choir children that got to perform in a season of the Chicago run of Donny Osmond's Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.  Looking out into a sea of people one night, sitting in one of those fake misty stage clouds as Donny sang his opening number, being overwhelmingly moved while also understanding that I was touching hundreds in the process, I just knew this was it.  Anything seemed possible then, and I still believe this is true.  It was through right timing, support, gall, equal mix raw and developed skill, and belief that got me there, and it is this same mixture of amazing stuff that keeps me going now.  I love our business.   

Other creative outlets include: yoga-ing, blogging and vlogging on holistic discoveries, dancing, singing, creating music, writing poetry and spoken-wordingng-it.

More to come.  You all rock.  

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