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I love linking people up with people, artists with artists.  Here are sites of artists, causes, and businesses that inspire me to serve a higher purpose and are monumental to my path.  Check out these visionary gems.

SARK - founder of Planet SARK- is a magical woman.  Author, Artist, Visionary, Coach, she inspires you to Dream Dare and Do.  I've been a fan of this woman since I was little and she continues to rock my world. 

My face gets played with by a lot of makeup artists, and I appreciate all their work.  Cynthia, however, has the most magical touch I have ever experienced.  Era-tastic, steady, creative, and friend.  She's the perfect MUA for my team.  Get her while she's hot - but not too hot to say no to ya'lls ; ) 

Looking for custom woodwork?  Check out custom pieces created by local burgeoning craftsman,

Eric Wech.  

Jaden LaRue.  Beauty, Radiance, Inspiration exponential.  Songstress and strummer of the prettiest tunes you will ever here.  Support this one.  

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